Operating in 21 territories, CTS EVENTIM manages some of the most renowned venues and concert halls across Europe.

Our powerful and dynamic ticketing platforms have proven to be amongst the most reliable and robust ticket systems in the market and has sold tickets to some of the largest and most prominent stadium dates, festivals, concert tours, arena shows and venues in the world. Our Client Support Team are the driving force supporting this platform, taking care of all technical aspects, including event builds, inventory management, promotional offers, and event reconciliation as well as offering a consultative and collaborative support structure for our clients.

The seating tool can provide a wide range of seating configurations, for all venues and concert halls, to include such layouts as proscenium arch, thrust stage, standing and unreserved seating. Offering a view from seat perspective, our ticketing platform offers the chance for customers to virtually sit in their selected seat and take in the view before committing to the purchase.

Our ticketing solution comes with a wealth of features that permits concert halls to sell tickets securely, designed to maximise revenue and keep your customers safe. Automated algorithms enable you to put all seats on sale and lets the system determine which seats to hold off sale around the customer’s selected seats. This maximises revenue and takes the heavy lifting away from your ticketing team.

Our tools allow concert halls to offer a system that safely accounts for all members of the public entering the venue by recording customer data for all ticket holders – not just the lead booker. This information is not stored on the ticketing system and is not used for promotional purposes.

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