Seat Map is now available in EVENTIM.Light!

With Seat Map, you can create and customize your own venue maps with all the elements you need, such as seats, standing places, tables and a stage.

EVENTIM.Light has a simple and user-friendly seating editor that gives you the ability to quickly generate a variety of seating maps.

You can choose everything from round or square tables, curved seating, general admission areas, VIP sections – all of which can be designed with  different shapes, lines and text fields. Templates and icons are available so you can easily add e.g. a football pitch or tennis court in the site map, bar elements, entrances, stairs, areas for the disabled, etc.

This level of flexibility can ensure your ticket buyers get a complete overview of your venue when choosing their seats.

  • Customise your seating plans – whether it’s for concerts, theatres or gigs
  • Determine your own ‘best available’ algorithm by setting the point of interest
  • Allow for best-available seat selection, or, pick your own seat functionality
EVENTIM.Light Seat Map Tool
  • Live updates to your seating plans across all sales channels for real-time availability
  • Brand your seating plans with your own colours, fonts and more
  • Include icons to represent stairs, cloakroom, toilets etc. to better reflect the venue
Event venue ticket management system tools

Offer your customers the opportunity to choose their own location directly on the location map or let the system choose the best available for them. The system also has a heatmap that will show you which seats will sell first via ‘best available’, all pre-determined by where you set your point of interest (typically the stage), which allows you to optimise your price categories.

With the seat map tool, you can assign individual ticket prices to the different seating and standing areas and allocate selected areas for VIP guests if needed. Price zones will be reflected by different colours in the seating chart, so that ticket buyers can easily find seats in the selected price category. And if you need to change prices after an event has gone on sale, no problem! Interested?

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