For any venue, theatre, attraction, opera house or concert hall, box office management have a lot to consider when looking for a new ticketing system.

To help, we’ve listed the top five items that that we believe will help support your decision when selecting a new provider, so when the time comes you know exactly what you’re looking for.

  1. Robust & reliable ticketing box office and theatre venue software

The saying goes ‘it goes without saying’, but if it does go without saying, why say it at all? Simply put – sometimes the most obvious points are missed and on occasion, we need to be reminded. So, when you’re looking for a new provider, the number one consideration for any box office must be robustness and reliability, in other words – ‘can the software  stand up to demand and will it work’. In a space where there are so many new businesses tempting you with their shiny products and services,  whatyou need, isa ticketing partner that is dependable. One that has a reputation, experience and is trusted by hundreds of other clients in the market space. True, everyone must start somewhere, but do you want to put your ticketing strategy in the hands of an unproven solution? With over 20 years’ experience in the live entertainment and ticketing industry, EVENTIM has the most reliable and robust platform on the market.

  1. Connectivity

Technology has evolved exceptionally fast and as a result, so has the way in which we use it. Connectivity has never been more important and in a world where we use multiple platforms in parallel, wouldn’t it be great to have a ticketing solution that could be connected to your other third-party providers? Step forward API integrations. With an open read/write API on our EVENTIM.Inhouse solution you can connect your own payment provider, your own CRM tool, or even your own scheduling system to the ticketing platform to streamline and improve your every day working efficiencies. With API technology, the possibilities are limitless.

  1. Ancillary products & secondary revenue

In 2016, The Arts Council England published a report analysing theatre across the country – handily called ‘Analysis of Theatre in England’, which stated that in addition to ticket prices, venues were having to generate new entrepreneurial models for a secondary source of income. Merchandise, pre-dinner meals, programmes, sponsorship, donations, memberships, season tickets, subscriptions and packages are all ways that theatres can maximise revenue and as such, it’s important that your ticketing supplier can support the sale of these products at the point of ticket purchase. Whether as an upsell, part of the Show & Dine functionality, or a beautifully presented shop within the ticketing webstore where all products can be added to your card in the same transaction, our solutions cater for all kinds of secondary revenue opportunities.

  1. Data, data, data

So important, we said it three times. Data (we’ll say it again!) is a vital consideration for venues, and not just for marketing teams, but also to support the ticketing strategy. Knowing who is in your venue, how many times they purchase tickets, where they travel from, what are their spending habits, how much they spend, what time of the year do they typically purchase, what is their demographic, what else they buy (you get the point) and so much more, provides deep insight into how you can proactively target market to those audiences and ensure a stronger conversion rate. With a built in CRM solution, our EVENTIM.Inhouse system offers ABC analysis of all your customer data that can also establish your ticket prices, guide your content team on what packages or subscriptions you want to offer, and what membership levels will cater to your audience.

  1. Implementation, migration, training and support

In addition to the more practical considerations of a ticketing software and the impact on the customer, box office management teams must take into account the impact of the software on their staff; in particular managing staff expectations, training of staff and ensuring a seamless cross over from previously used platforms on to the new one. It is essential that any new ticketing provider can offer a well thought out, tried and tested onboarding and implementation strategy to not only offer the practical steps of initiating a new software, but to offer a support network during the entire implementation phase – without this, the onboarding is going to be painful and could have a lasting and damaging effect on your people and the organisation. At EVENTIM, we offer proven implementation plans, training workshops, videos, documentation, and a tailored approach to work with you and your requirements. And the support doesn’t stop when the system is in your venue. We’ll be on hand the entire duration of your contract, without having to submit a help request, fill in a form, or call a help desk who doesn’t know you – we’re old school. Call us or drop us an email. Simple.

If you want to learn more about how we can support your venue, theatre, attraction, opera house or concert hall or box office ticketing strategy, drop us a line and a member of our team will get back to you.

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