Looking for a ticketing system for your Opera House? With EVENTIM.Inhouse you can sell your Opera tickets via our  fully customisable, white-label ‘Software as a Service’ tool, which is used across a wide range of Opera Houses throughout mainland Europe. The flexibility of the system can be configured to meet each Opera Houses’ operational and business requirements, with the ability to scale and streamline working practises as applicable.

One key aspect of any Opera House ticketing strategy is Memberships and Season tickets. In fact, the season ticket is perhaps one of the oldest instruments for customer loyalty in the history of Opera Houses; even senators and patricians in ancient times reserved the right to sit in selected seats in the Dionysus Theatre. The season ticket or “entitlement” in the sense of “theatre seat that can be rented temporarily” is a concept that became firmly established in the 18th and 19th centuries with the formation of civic theatres and Opera Houses and has extended into our times. In addition, the desire to offer flexibility when selecting entertainment has grown and with it, ticketing technology and system providers must evolve with demand and reflect consumer trends in their systems infrastructure.

EVENTIM.Inhouse provides the software you need to achieve the right season ticket and membership requirements for your Opera House. As well as the traditional fixed-seat Season ticket, which can be made more attractive through upselling extras such as merchandise, programs, food and beverages, and other ancillary products, our ticketing system also caters for flexible season tickets and packages, all of which can be sold online. This means you can continue selling these products even when your Opera House box office is closed. Reward the loyal, foster the brand and gain new members with the EVENTIM.Inhouse ticketing solution. Want to learn more? Get in touch and learn more about how our solution can support your venue.

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