If, like many museums and attractions, much of your income comes from ticket sales, you need to ensure your ticketing software is at the top of its game. Not only does it need to work efficiently and effectively for your business operations, but it needs to offer customers the best ticket purchasing experience available; after all, the ticket purchase is the first step many customers will take in engaging with your brand or event.

For many years now, most of the larger, more high-profile museums and attractions have operated with a timed entry function that allows the customer to choose a specific date and time in which to attend. Now, as we take the first steps back towards live entertainment, events and consumer experiences, many cultural organisations are looking to adopt this functionality for their own return to live.

Timed entry is not only a helpful and efficient way to have your customers return safely back to events but adheres to social distancing regulations whilst maintaining capacity limits and maximising ticket revenue for your venue.

Here’s how we can support your museum ticketing strategy.

  1. Flexible packages and passes

It goes without saying you will need to be able to organise your customers into specific dates and times, but what about annual passes or flexible subscriptions? With the EVENTIM.Inhouse solution, we can offer a wide range of options for your customers.

  1. Online ticket sales & distribution network

Sell tickets through your own branded webshop and reach new customers through our own retail and distribution network.

  1. Digital tickets

Through our customisable E-tickets and Mobile tickets, your brand can continue into the customers hands and their wallets.

  1. Memberships

Offer choice and retain loyalty by providing a variety of Memberships, each with their own unique log-in to the webshop for discounts, offers and much more.

  1. Integrated CRM solution

With our integrated CRM solution, there’s no need for an external supplier. Manage your customer database and gather insight and analytics from purchase trends, habits, and patterns through our tried and tested ABC analysis. Customisable pre and post event emails mean you can communicate with your customers directly before and after their visit.

  1. Availability screen

Take the pressure off your box office staff by showing event availability on large screens in your venue foyer; ideal for multi-day events and updated in real-time.

  1. Box office functionality

Group bookings, waiting lists, detailed customer history, invoicing, pay links, fast checkout and touchscreen technology are just some of the features available for your box office staff.

  1. Ancillary products

With no limit to how many add-on items you can list, why not maximise revenue by taking advantage of our upsell and cross sell functionality to promote items including merchandise, tour guides and other event-related products that can all be purchased together, in the same order, either online or at the box office.

  1. Flexible pricing

Undoubtedly you will have a variety of price points available, all set to predefined conditions and rules. With our simple pricing tables, you can amend your pricing structure simply and without taking the events off sale.

  1. Customisation

Branded webshops, iframes, tickets, invoices, email confirmations and much more are available to ensure consistency of your brand and a cohesive customer journey.

If you want to learn more about how we can support your museum ticketing strategy, drop us a line and a member of our team will get back to you.

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