1. Captain Tom Moore’s 100th Birthday Walk for the NHS

What began as a fundraising exercise for the ‘magnificent’ NHS staff who supported him with treatment for cancer and a broken hip, has now become one of the most well-loved inspirational stories of this pandemic. At time of writing, the 99-year-old Army veteran, Captain Tom Moore, has raised more than £20million for the NHS by walking lengths of his garden before his 100th birthday. After donating £10,000 of his own money, Piers Morgan is now launching a campaign to get Mr Moore a knighthood! We’d happily sign the petition Piers!

To read more and donate, please click here.

Photo by @captaintommoore

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2. Reduction in air pollution means a reveal for the Himalayas

On the 9th April, CNN reported that for the first time in ‘almost 30 years’, people in the Indian state of Punjab were able to see the Himalayas, thanks to a reduction in the air pollution – a consequence of the state being in lock-down. Absolutely breath-taking! You can read more on this story here. CNN Travel, 9th April 2020.

Photo by CNN Travel

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3. Celebrity Donations

Many celebrities have been making generous donations towards a variety of charities and research facilities across the globe. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Rihanna donated $2million to support victims of domestic violence who may face increased danger whilst in lockdown. Her own charity, the Clara Lionel Foundation partnered with Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, to match the Mayors Fund. She has also previously donated $5million to other organisations such as WHO, Feeding America and International Rescue Committee.
  2. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have donated $1milion to foodbanks charities.
  3. U2 have donated €10million to hospitals across Ireland to buy more protective PPE for front line workers.
  4. James McAvoy has donated £275,000 to the Masks for Heroes campaign to provide PPE for NHS staff.
  5. Angelina Jolie has donated $1million to the No Kid Hungry charity, which will provide food for children who would have otherwise relied on school meals.
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4. Lady Gaga Concert – One World Together at Home

Doing her part in the fight against the virus, Lady Gaga along with her famous pals such as Elton John, Billie Eilish, Idris Elba, Lizzo and more, will perform at a virtual concert scheduled to be aired by the BBC on Sunday 19th April. In partnership with Global Citizen, the superstar has already raised $35million for the World Health Organisation and so this concert is a display of affection and ‘deep gratitude’ towards the medical community. What a lady! You can read more on this story here. – BBC News, 7th April 2020.

Picture by Global Citizen

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5. Rainbows of Hope

All over the UK, drawings of rainbows have been placed in windows of people’s homes, trees, walls and pavements to spread hope during this pandemic – in particular, to show love and gratitude to the NHS and key workers. If you’re out on your daily walk or run, take some time to look around you and spot these little pockets of happiness in your local area or spread a little cheer by making your own rainbow.

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6. School Teacher turned Pack Lunch Pack Horse!

Zane Powles, Deputy Head Teacher from Western Primary School in Grimsby walks five miles a day to deliver packed lunches to those children who would otherwise miss out. In his interview with the BBC, he claims he’s not a hero he’s ‘just doing his job’. Looks like a hero to us! Well done Sir! You can view more on this story here. BBC News, 8th April 2020.

Photo’s by BBC

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7. When nature fights back!

With no cruise ships, no tourists and a lock-down on all motorboat traffic, Venice’s canals have become crystal clear, with the likes of fish, crabs and multicoloured plant life taking advantage of the calm. Looks good enough to dive into! (not that we will of course). You can read more on this here. The Guardian, March 20th 2020.

Picture by Andrea Pattaro / Getty Images

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8. Food stores supporting the NHS

So many of our local supermarkets and eateries are supporting the NHS in their own ways. Pret, Asda, Tesco and Morrisons are just a few who are offering discounts and exclusive shopping times for the NHS key workers also. These guys are feeding us during this time, so a big thank you to these front-line workers also!

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9. UK’s oldest Coronavirus survivor leaves hospital after beating the virus at 106!

Connie Titchen, grandmother of five and great-grandmother of 8 (also a big fan of McDonalds) has left Birmingham City Hospital after beating the virus at the age of 106. Leaving the hospital, she was treated to a round of applause as she made her way out by all medical staff that cared for her. Here’s hoping she can get her McDonalds soon! For more on this story, click here. Metro, 15th April, 2020

Photo by Metro

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10. Tom Hardy reads more Bedtime stories!

Little children (and not so little children) will be delighted to hear Tom Hardy is back reading more bedtime stories. Since making his appearance in 2016, he has become CBeebies most popular bedtime reader and in an attempt to keep children across the nation entertained, he will be reading a story each day starting Monday April 27th until Friday 1st May. Children or not, this is a play date none of us will want to miss! You can read more about this here. – BBC Media, 15th April 2020.

Photo by BBC

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April 18th, 2020

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